social anxiety

How Do Professionals Treat Social Anxiety Disorder?

by Kay Marcotte March 12, 2014

Treatment from a licensed mental health professional is recommended for most, if not all, anxiety disorders. But what exactly does treatment consist of? Learn about treatment for social phobia here.

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Social Anxiety Disorder in Children, Older Adults

by Kay Marcotte February 28, 2014

Research in psychology has traditionally focused on college-aged individuals or middle-aged adults. But what unique effects do certain disorders have on the overlooked populations? Find out about social anxiety disorder in youth and in the elderly.

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A Mini-Guide to Anxiety Disorders (and What to Do if You Have One)

by Rich Presta August 13, 2013

If anxiety continuously eats you alive, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Check out a brief rundown on the most common disorders, along with steps to help alleviate it.

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Anxiety and Mood As You Age

by Kay Marcotte June 21, 2013

Are you curious about how common anxiety disorders are in older adults? What about which disorders are more likely to affect someone who is older? A recent study seeks to answer these questions and more. Read about it here.

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Distorted Thinking 101: Does Lack of an Exclamation Point Means He Hates Me?

by Rich Presta April 24, 2013

No news is usually good news — unless you come from the camp that thinks no happy news means everything is bad. Meet a common form of distorted thinking that can induce anxiety, panic, stress and a monster headache or two.

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How ‘Taking it Personally’ Sets You up for Panic and Anxiety

by Rich Presta April 2, 2013

As much as we may believe otherwise, the world really isn’t all about us. Thinking it is can be a surefire way to create anxiety, panic and stress. Read more to find out why and what you can do to stop it.

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Distorted Thinking 101: How Mindreading Creates Stress, Anxiety and Panic

by Rich Presta February 5, 2013

Your panic, stress and anxiety may be coming from one of the many forms of distorted thinking common to gads of folks. Check out what happens when you dabble in the type of distorted thinking one called mind reading.

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Facebook Went from Rollicking Fun to Potential Stressor

by Rich Presta December 5, 2012

Ever get that panicky feeling that you just posted something really dumb on Facebook? You are not alone, a report says, adding that site is known to bring stress to many and the amount of stress can be proportional to the number and type of your Facebook friends.

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