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Don’t Ignore Your Panic Attacks: Seek Treatment

by Kay Marcotte December 11, 2014

A panic attack can come as an unpleasant surprise, often after someone has experienced a traumatic event. Panic attacks can be frustrating, but it’s important to keep trying new coping methods until you find what works best for you. Read about some ways you can deal with your panic here.

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Is Your Teenager at Risk for Panic Attacks?

by Kay Marcotte September 10, 2014

Teens have a lot to deal with today, so it’s easy for them to feel overwhelmed from time to time. When a teen also has to deal with panic attacks, every other aspect of his or her life can be affected. This article will provide information from researchers on factors that make a teen “higher risk” for panic attacks.

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Does Having Panic Disorder Endanger Your Life?

by Kay Marcotte January 15, 2014

Like all mental health conditions, panic disorder comes with its own set of unique challenges and complications. Sufferers of panic disorder and their loved ones have access to more information on the illness, but many are unsure about the risks that comes with having it. Read more about the topic here.

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Game May Lessen Panic, Anxiety in Players

by Kay Marcotte October 23, 2013

Most people are well-acquainted with smart phones, but few realize how their mobile gadgets can be used to help combat anxiety. A new game for use on cellular phones may help people to recover from a panic attack or relax before it can begin. Find out how the game works here!

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Psychopathy, Narcissism, Heart Woes: How Being a Night Owl Can Hurt You

by Rich Presta August 27, 2013

Being a night owl may have advantages for hitting all-night bars or staying awake to cram for tests, but it may be a detriment for your health and personality. Find out why!

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Brain Differences in People with Panic Disorder

by Kay Marcotte August 15, 2013

People who suffer from mental health disorders often have differences in brain chemistry that may be linked to their condition. While scientists are not yet aware of what causes these disorders, they have made some significant finds. Read about them here!

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A Mini-Guide to Anxiety Disorders (and What to Do if You Have One)

by Rich Presta August 13, 2013

If anxiety continuously eats you alive, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Check out a brief rundown on the most common disorders, along with steps to help alleviate it.

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Science Findings May Help Reduce Anxiety, Stress

by Kay Marcotte August 9, 2013

If you have had a panic attack before, you probably want to know why they happen and how to stop them. Researchers are coming closer to finding a new way to treat anxiety and stress. Read about it here!

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