Effects of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder on the Family

by Kay Marcotte August 30, 2013

Having OCD is very stressful, especially for a child or teen. Parents of a child with OCD may also have a difficult time trying to decide what is best for their son or daughter. But what is it like to be a sibling of someone with OCD? Find out here!

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A Mini-Guide to Anxiety Disorders (and What to Do if You Have One)

by Rich Presta August 13, 2013

If anxiety continuously eats you alive, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Check out a brief rundown on the most common disorders, along with steps to help alleviate it.

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Panic Disorder: Everything You Need to Know (Part 2)

by Kay Marcotte November 6, 2012

Having panic disorder is certainly enough of a struggle. What some people don’t know is that if panic disorder doesn’t get treated, other mental health problems are more likely to develop. If you want to know more about potential complications of having panic disorder, come read this article.

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Unchecked Panic: Blogger Recounts Her Experience with Anxiety

by Kay Marcotte October 15, 2012

Anyone who has experienced a panic attack knows how completely it can ruin your plans and throw off the rest of your day. Regardless of how frequently you have panic attacks, it is still a scary, disruptive and generally unpleasant experience. Read how a writer who has panic disorder reacted to her attack and what she did afterward.

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NBA Star Suffers from Panic Attacks, Phobia

by Kay Marcotte October 14, 2012

Anxiety disorders really can affect anyone, even someone who is in the public eye. A well-known basketball player publicly discusses his problems with anxiety and panic attacks. The athlete tells reporters how he copes with his disorder and what his team is doing to help him deal with it.

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