Living with Comorbid Anxiety and Depression

by Kay Marcotte June 27, 2014

It’s not unheard of for people to have more than one mental health condition; this is known as “comorbidity.” Anxiety conditions, especially, can occur with other ailments such as depression. Read on to find out about the impact of combined anxiety and depression.

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Are Panic Disorder and Suicide Linked?

by Kay Marcotte November 20, 2013

When panic disorder goes untreated, some people may fall into depression. This can lead to suicidal thoughts in some cases. But what is the risk of suicide for someone who has panic attacks without depression?

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How to De-Stress Your Arguments

by Rich Presta November 12, 2013

Arguments can wreak havoc on your emotional and physical health, although you can reduce their impact by arguing stress-free. Here’s how!

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How to Switch from a Night Owl to a Chirpy Morning Bird (if Possible)

by Rich Presta September 17, 2013

Night owl tendencies can be biological or habitual. If they’re the latter you may have a chance at changing them. Learn more about why your body clock and how to fine-tune it to best benefit your life.

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Tips for Beating Workplace Stress

by Rich Presta July 30, 2013

If your job is a cauldron of stress and anxiety, it may be time to make some changes in your life. Check out suggestions on what those changes can be.

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How to Cope with and Alleviate Death Anxiety

by Rich Presta July 16, 2013

Fear of death may be normal, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it. It doesn’t mean you have to live with it, either, especially if you check out some of these helpful coping strategies.

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Workplace Stress: Is it You or Your Job?

by Rich Presta June 18, 2013

Work can be challenging and tough, but it shouldn’t leave you in a painful, exhausted and depressed state. Find out the cause of your workplace stress so you can best learn how to correct it.

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Alternate Treatment for Panic Disorder Symptoms

by Kay Marcotte June 11, 2013

Panic disorder is an anxiety illness which can be very frustrating and exhausting for your mind and your body. Treating such a stubborn and discomfiting disorder is far from easy, especially when the usual treatment methods don’t seem to work for you. Find out trying how a certain kind of treatment may benefit you.

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