Is Your Teenager at Risk for Panic Attacks?

by Kay Marcotte September 10, 2014

Teens have a lot to deal with today, so it’s easy for them to feel overwhelmed from time to time. When a teen also has to deal with panic attacks, every other aspect of his or her life can be affected. This article will provide information from researchers on factors that make a teen “higher risk” for panic attacks.

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Understanding How Panic Affects Children, Teens

by Kay Marcotte August 1, 2014

Panic disorder may not seem like something a child or teenager would have to deal with, but kids can suffer from panic just as adults do. Read to find out how to a child with panic disorder experiences the condition.

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Social Anxiety Disorder in Children, Older Adults

by Kay Marcotte February 28, 2014

Research in psychology has traditionally focused on college-aged individuals or middle-aged adults. But what unique effects do certain disorders have on the overlooked populations? Find out about social anxiety disorder in youth and in the elderly.

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How to De-Stress Your Arguments

by Rich Presta November 12, 2013

Arguments can wreak havoc on your emotional and physical health, although you can reduce their impact by arguing stress-free. Here’s how!

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How to Switch from a Night Owl to a Chirpy Morning Bird (if Possible)

by Rich Presta September 17, 2013

Night owl tendencies can be biological or habitual. If they’re the latter you may have a chance at changing them. Learn more about why your body clock and how to fine-tune it to best benefit your life.

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Effects of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder on the Family

by Kay Marcotte August 30, 2013

Having OCD is very stressful, especially for a child or teen. Parents of a child with OCD may also have a difficult time trying to decide what is best for their son or daughter. But what is it like to be a sibling of someone with OCD? Find out here!

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Psychopathy, Narcissism, Heart Woes: How Being a Night Owl Can Hurt You

by Rich Presta August 27, 2013

Being a night owl may have advantages for hitting all-night bars or staying awake to cram for tests, but it may be a detriment for your health and personality. Find out why!

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A Mini-Guide to Anxiety Disorders (and What to Do if You Have One)

by Rich Presta August 13, 2013

If anxiety continuously eats you alive, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Check out a brief rundown on the most common disorders, along with steps to help alleviate it.

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