Game May Lessen Panic, Anxiety in Players

by on October 23, 2013

If you have ever had a panic attack, you know it can be an overwhelming and highly unpleasant experience. It can also be alarming for people around you who do not know how to help you during an attack.

According to a number of people, having a panic attack can make you feel like you are dying, having a heart attack, or even going crazy. A panic attack is not something most people want to have to experience.

Wondering where and when you will have your next attack can also be very stressful and emotionally taxing. When you are constantly in fear of having a panic attack, you may not be able to relax and try new things or even enjoy some of the things you once did.

People who have panic attacks usually have to make adaptations to their life. They may need to learn stress reduction techniques or methods of relaxation. They may need to work less or change their diet. For many, one of the best solutions is to consult with a licensed mental health worker who can advise them on what steps to take.

With use of new technology on the rise, more options for treatment and self-help are becoming available for people who suffer from panic attacks. If you enjoy using your mobile phone and you like playing electronic games, you may want to look in to trying an anti-anxiety or panic-reducing game.

To read about a game that is designed for people with panic attacks, click the link here:

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