How to React to Someone Else’s Panic Attack

by Kay Marcotte October 31, 2013

It can be a little frightening to see someone having a panic attack, especially if it’s the first time you’ve seen one. How do you know what to do? Is there any way you can help the person? Find out more information about dealing with someone’s panic attack here.

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Game May Lessen Panic, Anxiety in Players

by Kay Marcotte October 23, 2013

Most people are well-acquainted with smart phones, but few realize how their mobile gadgets can be used to help combat anxiety. A new game for use on cellular phones may help people to recover from a panic attack or relax before it can begin. Find out how the game works here!

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Meditation and Other Methods of Fighting Panic

by Kay Marcotte October 18, 2013

Panic is something a lot of people have to deal with from time to time. When it becomes a frequent feeling, though, it can cause significant distress. Come read more about panic and how to fight it here.

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How to Deal with Anxious People

by Rich Presta October 15, 2013

With anxiety disorders hitting more than 40 million Americans, chances are you may work with, live with or communicate with an anxious person somewhere down the line. Check out some tips that can help.

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Time in Prison Leads Woman to Feel Panic, Anxiety

by Kay Marcotte October 10, 2013

After being in an extremely stressful situation, some people go on to develop panic disorder. For one woman who was released after having spent time in jail for a widely reported murder, panic attacks have become a part of her life. Read about it here.

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Panic Attack: Learning to Face Your Fears

by Kay Marcotte October 4, 2013

Having a panic attack can be a scary experience, but it’s important that you continue to live a rich and fulfilling life in spite of your fears. Find out how to take some steps to keep your panic at bay.

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Men Affected by Panic Attacks, Panic Disorder

by Kay Marcotte September 25, 2013

Because of cultural norms, many people pressure men to be overly tough and strong. This can make it difficult for men to talk honestly about how they are affected by mental health conditions. Read about how panic attacks affect men here.

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How Your Stomach and Your Anxiety Affect Each Other

by Kay Marcotte September 20, 2013

If you think back to the last time you felt truly nervous, you may also recall feeling your anxiety in your stomach. High anxiety can definitely lead to an upset stomach in some people. But how does an upset stomach affect your level of anxiety?

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