How Panic Nearly Ended a TV Personality’s Career

by Kay Marcotte October 18, 2012

An anxiety disorder is likely to have a harmful effect on your personal life as well as your work life. For most people who suffer from anxiety-related problems, it does more harm than good to avoid getting treatment. Without some form of treatment, anxiety can dictate how you live your life, preventing you from trying new things and living a healthy lifestyle.

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Quick and Helpful Suggestions for Relieving Anxiety

by Kay Marcotte October 17, 2012

Anxiety and stress can increase your chances of having a panic attack. Besides that, they can also harm your physical health and make you more likely to react to others with impatience or annoyance. It’s important for your body and for your relationships that you do what you can to eliminate unnecessary stress from your life. Find out how you can do so by making a few simple changes.

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Popular Singer Discusses Overcoming Panic Disorder

by Kay Marcotte October 16, 2012

What makes a panic attack so frightening? For the person who is experiencing it, a panic attack can seem indistinguishable from a heart attack. It can come seemingly from nowhere and seriously impair the affected person from concentrating on what he or she is doing. Overcoming panic disorder can be tricky, but it is possible for some people.

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Unchecked Panic: Blogger Recounts Her Experience with Anxiety

by Kay Marcotte October 15, 2012

Anyone who has experienced a panic attack knows how completely it can ruin your plans and throw off the rest of your day. Regardless of how frequently you have panic attacks, it is still a scary, disruptive and generally unpleasant experience. Read how a writer who has panic disorder reacted to her attack and what she did afterward.

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NBA Star Suffers from Panic Attacks, Phobia

by Kay Marcotte October 14, 2012

Anxiety disorders really can affect anyone, even someone who is in the public eye. A well-known basketball player publicly discusses his problems with anxiety and panic attacks. The athlete tells reporters how he copes with his disorder and what his team is doing to help him deal with it.

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