Are Panic Disorder and Suicide Linked?

by on November 20, 2013

Panic disorder causes you to have unexpected attacks of anxiety, complete with racing heart, rapid, uncontrolled breathing, and a genuine terror that something horrible is happening to you. Once a panic attack has started, it can be difficult to regain your sense of calm. In the aftermath of an attack, you may feel afraid of having another unpredictable attack. This can hinder your ability to go about your routine without worrying about being overcome by panic again.

While panic attacks in and of themselves are not generally dangerous, there are still some risks that people who have them may face.

According to a study at Ohio State University, there are a number of reasons a person who has panic attacks may be at an increased risk for suicide or suicidal thoughts. The anxiety and stress of wondering when the next attack may occur can be difficult to handle. For some people, this can eventually lead to suicidal thoughts.

The study indicates that even if someone who has panic disorder is not depressed, he or she may still be plagued by suicidal thoughts. More research still needs to be conducted to determine why people with panic disorder struggle with suicidal thoughts even in the absence of depression. Further research may also help to reveal how mental health practitioners can teach people with panic disorder to cope and even to recover from their attacks.

To read the article about panic disorder, depression and suicide, visit the link below.

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